Acecho 2018-2017

Acecho 2018-2017

Acecho is a black and white slide projection. It shows a woman that keeps on sending a message in the middle of a forest. The message is transmitted using the Semaphore flag signaling system, in which each position of the flag and body represents a letter. The content of the message consists of a request for shortening the distance between “there” and “here”.

The work explores ideas related to communication through gestures and minimum body movements, the maximization of technology, and the semantic potential that emerges from their economic combination with a materially austere landscape. The pace of the message transmission is given by the rhythm of the carousel slide projector.

Acecho can be watch here:

Distancia, an earlier version of the work, can be watch here:

Acecho (2017-2018)
black and white slide projection (loop)
Pictures 22-28 © Daniel Reyes
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