Stories of Beginnings 2016

Stories of Beginnings 2016

Stories of Beginnings (“Historias de comienzos”, the original title in Spanish) examines a frequent and unavoidable question for any visual artist: how, where, and when to start a work of art? In order to explore this problem, in this project I open my own practice to question by engaging directly with the experiences of beginning of a number of colleagues. The work consists in a virtual dialog between two elements: (i) an audio piece composed of fragments of voices of contemporary Chilean artists who speak about the beginnings of specific artworks, and (ii) the video of a performance in which I walk through the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile, using a topographic tripod as a walking device. Both pieces configure non linear stories about the perplexities and difficulties involved in the work of beginning anew.

Featured artists are: Joaquín Cociña, Felipe Cooper, Claudio Correa, Patricia Domínguez, Raimundo Edwards, María Gabler, César Gabler, Ignacio Gumucio, Michelle Letelier, Claudia Müller, Pilar Quinteros, Tomás Rivas, Pablo Rivera, Javier Rodríguez, Francisca Sánchez, and Carlos Silva.

The Stories of Beginnings video piece can be watch here:


The audio piece is in Spanish. The exhibition track and the individual artists’ tracks can be heard here: *veamos si es posible poner la pista de audio directamente en el sitio.

Stories of Beginnings has been developed with the generous support of FONDART 2016.


Catalog (PDF 5MB)
Cortés, A., Díaz, G., Pinto, S. (2016). Historias de comienzos. Libro de la exposición en Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Parque Forestal. Santiago: s.n.

Stories of Beginnings (2016)
Video (7′ 26»)
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile
Pictures © Carlos Silva
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