Leaking women, mujeres que sostienen el techo 2019-2021

Leaking women, mujeres que sostienen el techo 2019-2021

Leaking women, mujeres que sostienen el techo (Leaking Women: women holding up the ceiling) is a visual examination about possible interactions between motherhood and artistic practice. The project considers motherhood as an event that can’t be taken for granted, but as a practice that presupposes the knowledge of the rules of survival (and their breakage), the management and discipline of the body, the ritualized control of violence, the understanding of the quality of fear, the aperture to intuition, the exposure to risk, and the satisfaction of desire; all actions that are also connected to artistic practice.

‘Leaking Women…’ surveys motherhood as the engine of a practical and symbolic exercise of self-affirmation, and as an extreme experience that simultaneously challenges and nourishes the creative will.

The project takes the form of a large-scale installation that recreates a temple dedicated to ‘Leaking Woman’, a fictional ambivalent goddess who on one side is a powerful and sublime creator, and at the same time is a being that intermittently leaks due to the impacts of gestation, delivery, breastfeeding and upbringing.

‘Leaking Women…’ started as a collaboration between artists Paula Salas and Soledad Pinto, however today it includes the creative participation of 29 artists and artisans-mothers: Camila Valenzuela, María José Rojas, Valentina Serrati, Rosario Montero, Mara Santibañez, Cristiana Barguetto, Gimena Castellón Arrieta, Ximena Zomosa, Javiera Hiault- Echeverria, María Elena Retamal, Marcela Mella, Camila Salas, Loreto Varas, Paula Sánchez, Loreto Leonvendagar, Ana Laura Galarza, Francisca Aninat, Paula de Solminihac, Sasha Mudd, Sophie Halart, Joselyn Contreras, Constanza Giulianni, Camila Astaburuaga, Francisca Paz Castro, Patricia Ruiz, Irene Velázquez.

Leaking women, mujeres que sostienen el techo has been developed with the generous support of FONDART 2019

Leaking Women: mujeres que sostienen el techo (2019-2021)
Mixed media (screen printing and objects)
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile.
Pictures 11, 13, 15 © Dai-Liv Fuentes y Facultad de Artes UC
Picture 15 portraits Ana Laura Galarzas’s work


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